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About Our Company

bezpieczna-strefa.pl operates particularly on the Polish market providing professional training courses, advisory services and implementation projects in the field of health and safety, fire protection and Emergency First Response.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of comprehensive services in the field of broadly defined human security in the working environment for enterprises, public institutions and individual customers.

bezpieczna-strefa.pl team consists of experienced professionals from globally recognized organizations who improve constantly their skills, work with many partners and have a unique know-how. These are health and safety Specialists, fire protection Inspectors and first aid Instructors.

We pay a great attention to the selection of appropriate training programs in health and safety, so that participants always have complete information about safety at work.

What makes us different?


Expertise and experience in training, supervision, consultancy and implementation projects


Full responsibility for the health and lives of people for whom we provide our services and for whom we take special care


Partnership in relations with each customer that enables development of the best customized solutions


Mobility – providing services anywhere in Poland and in specific situations also abroad.

We cooperate with private firms as well as public and financial authorities such as:

  • National Bank of Poland (Narodowy Bank Polski)
  • District Labour Offices (Powiatowe Urzędy Pracy)

  • European Tale Center (Europejskie Centrum Bajki im. Koziolka Matołka)

  • Lidl Poland LLC (Lidl Polska Sp. z o.o.)

  • MMP Neupack Poland LLC (MMP Neupack Polska Sp. z o.o.)

bezpieczna-strefa.pl, as an entity that conducts training services in the field of health and safety, fire protection, first aid and other specialized areas, is registered under the number: 2.14/00415/2010 in the Register of Training Institutions maintained by the Regional Labour Office in Warsaw.

Our company operates in accordance with the provisions of the Polish Labour Law.

Our offer

Prices of our services are always estimated individually with each client, regarding to your needs and expectations, and after analyzing the current state of documentation in your company or other entity.

Our mission in this area of specialization includes following tasks:

  • Performing health and safety duties in accordance with Article. 237’11 paragraph 2 of the Labour Code.
  • Health and safety training in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Economy and Labour of 27 July 2004 on training in the field of occupational health and safety.
  • Risk Assessment on individual workstations.
  • Investigating accidents (accidents at work, accidents on the way to / from work and work-related accidents of non-employees) with the development of a full resultant documentation.
  • Consultancy in the field of work organization everywhere where hazards to the health of workers occur and selection of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

We carry out the following actions:

  • Complex services in the field of Fire Protection.
  • Elaboration and implementation of fire safety instructions.

Emergency First Response (EFR) is a globally recognized first aid course. EFR program was approved by the ILCOR (International Resuscitation Council) and since 2003 has been used to train people around the world in the same standard framework. Training is conducted on the basis of multimedia educational materials (videos, books with tests), which also allows distance learning.

The course consists of three modules that can be joined together or run as separate training courses:

  • Initial first aid (life-threatening injuries)
  • Sub emergency (not life-threatening injuries)
  • First Aid for Children

Completion of the course is authenticated with Emergency First Response certificate (e.g. CPR / AED / First Aid). Certificate is valid for 24 months (according to the ILCOR after 2 years period refreshing knowledge is recommended).

Participants receive training materials, face mask for artificial respiration and all the other materials used during the training.

Contact information

If you are interested in our services or have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us:
We are available 24/7!